Before you die


I hope you live. I hope you feel what complete abandonment in love feels like.


I hope you get a taste of your own power, of the magnificence of a being that you are.
May you experience the raw, uncut intensity of all of your emotions. May you dash out from your safe place and get into the middle of the storm. May you feel your feet on the warm, wet pavement, standing tall and shelterless into the rain.


I hope you deeply inhale in all the goodness of life. The smell of the skin of someone you really really love. That you stand in the sun and feel like it shines just for you, and it kisses every single one of your cells.


I hope you make real good friends with yourself and choose to be a cheerleader for yourself. I hope you fall in love with yourself and your body.


I hope that you feel small when you stand in front of a titanic mountain. That you witness beauty so dazzling you feel afraid.
I hope you surprise yourself with just how brave you can be. That you show people what being a vulnerable, authentic human being looks like. That you ask for forgiveness, and look into the eyes of your parents and tell them just how much you love them.


That you dance like a wild child of the night. That you stop the car in the middle of nowhere and make love in a way that you will never forget.


I hope you tell that special someone you fell in love with them. I hope you feel grateful and left with no words with just how rich and amazing being alive feels like.
That you say ″fuck it″ at least once, and leave it all for the life you really want to have. That you bet it all on your dream. You join that band, start playing the guitar again, get away in nature with no electricity and no phone signal.

That you stuff your face with a bowl full of ripe strawberries glazed with the most luscious chocolate and fluffiest whipped cream. I hope you laugh till you pee your pants.
That you jump in a pool with your clothes on when the season is not yet started.


Can you know how many hours, days, years of life you still have left?


What would you like to feel when the time has come for you to pass away? What stories would you like to be able to tell about how you lived your life?
What is the legacy you want to leave?
What is the reason why you go through every day numb, and never reach the top drawer where all the juicy stuff is?
Start your bucket list, and start giving yourself experiences that will fill you up with joy and passion.


Think about death, so you can honor being alive.


Make sure you don’t have too many regrets about things you haven’t done. When you regret things you have done, at least you’ve learned something. But when all your dreams, nudges, ideas and impulses are locked away in an airless jar, what do you learn? What do you gain?
And most of all, make sure you have given yourself the freedom to be your Untamed Self. That you’ve spoken from the heart, shocked people, told the truth, loved with no guarantees and promises, dreamed really hard and played it all in.


Enjoy life. This is not a rehearsal.

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