The Manifest

Believe in yourself. Believe in yourself, but not for yourself.


Believe in yourself for all the wonders you have inside you, that will never be witnessed unless you choose to believe they are worth sharing.

You don’t have to believe you are the best, the smartest, that there is nobody like you. Believe with the stubbornness of an annoying mosquito that this world needs people to contribute.

That this world does not need perfect people, the world needs doers. People who speak up. People who ask questions. People who talk tirelessly about what they discovered to make their life more beautiful and meaningful.


Train your voice – so that it becomes clearer, stronger, louder. So that it becomes a beam of light.


Believe fervently that the imperfect action is better than the perfect plan that lives only in your imagination.

Believe, because there is no other way. Believe because that, and only that, will make you want to jump out of the bed, to find reasons to smile, to want to give others any kind of kindness you can give. Believe because that, and only that, will make you want to follow you dreams with the precision of a surgeon and the resilience of an astronaut.


Believe for yourself, choose for yourself, because nobody else can give you the answers that you are looking for. Believe, because if it weren’t for dreams and personal values, your life would spin aimlessly, influenced by small external things, and not by your inner compass.

Believe, without expecting anyone else to believe as you do. Trust like your life depends on it.


Trust that everything you do counts. Trust that people want and are able to change. Trust that the world can be saved. Trust that good is possible, as hideous and talented evil is in occupying the entire screen of our attention. Trust that people are good and train yourself to see the light in their eyes and hearts. Believe that anyone can be happy, including – and most importantly – yourself. Trust that it is never too late, and that you can tip the scales even if good piles up in small pieces, while evil seems to fall like lead. Believe that you can do it, regardless of how little you believed up until now.


If you only knew how much we need you. If you only knew that you are the only one who can fill a void that would otherwise remain uncovered forever. Trust that each and every one of your actions can be that move of a butterfly’s wing that changes the game in favor of hope, joy, beauty, hunger for life.


This world is filled with people who have given up. There are many cynics. There are many olympic champions at finding flaws, problems and disappointments. Too many people try to silence those who reach for more. Too many people are bothered by the happiness of others. Too many people choose to stay silent, to sit this one out, to quit. Too many eyes lack life. Too many arms fail to give hugs, too many lips choose not to give kisses, too many faces lack smiles. Too many people who are not alive, although they have a pulse.


Be the one who gets filled with life and passion everyday. Try, fail, fall, love, believe and let your heart expand with joy and gratitude, and crush under pain. Let your cheeks become warm when others see the beauty in you, or when they hurt your ego. Be honest. Try to fly, fall, rise up. Even better than being a champ at achieving, is being a champion at trying and getting back up after a blow.


Live with an elastic heart. Take a deep breath.


Choose your tribe.