About me

Let’s get some things out of the way: I was born in June 1989, so as soon as the earliest signs of summer come by, I find it impossible to stay inside. As cheesy as it sounds, I am married to a man whom I find myself loving more and more each day. I find it hard to briefly talk about myself, so using the questions below seems a good way to avoid turning this section into an ebook:

What’s the one thing I want to accomplish before I die:

Share with the world 100% of all the things that have changed and inspired me. Talk, train and coach until my mouth runs dry.  Also, hug, kiss and make my dear ones cry with laughter and joy.

What’s my superpower:

Inner transformation. I’ve been born with a gift and an inner knowing on transforming minds and uplifting souls. Also, forgiveness and compassion.

What’s my embarrassing obsession:

I’m not going to say that here, but the second one is counting letters from movie subtitles.

Things that I hate:

Talking or thinking before coffee.

What is my unexpected source of inspiration:

Lately, a select gang of Romanian stand-up-comedians. Would include links, but it’s explicit language.

What keeps me up at night:

What’s the latest acceptable hour for coffee and the earliest acceptable one for wine.

If you reached this section looking for my professional background, my LinkedIn profile will be of use for that: