Pause. Go Deep. A Happy New Year, Your Own Way

1- 2o December 2017

I am not buying the whole bombastic Starting January 1st, I will yada yada yada… anymore.
I believe you don’t either. Still, you do want to experience a different way of living next year. You have some regrets for not doing things your own way in 2017 and, let’s admit it, the end of the year is a sweet spot to change things up.


The number 1 reason why most resolutions fail is because they are disconnected actions.


They don’t take into account who you really are, your core desires, and also your fears and typical ways of sabotaging yourself.


When we create goals without having a deep understanding of our own psychology, we end up with short-term, low-impact actions. It’s the trap of trying out endless strategies to better manage your time at work, when in fact you’re really yearning to make a career change. It’s the trap of promising to act nicer to your partner, without actually stopping to acknowledge and understand the anger, resentment and disconnection you feel. It’s attending countless sales & marketing trainings to grow your business, when in fact you are scared  to experience more success and subconsciously sabotage yourself.


This is why I decided to create this deep, no BS intensive program to set out powerful intentions for New Year.

Not Your Typical New Year Resolution Program

This program is fit for you if:

  • You are willing to take ownership on creating a 2018 you’ll feel jazzed to talk about this time, next year
  • You want to experience growth, but hate systems and to-do lists that are too complex
  • You are in search for insightful clarity and one meaningful direction to focus on next year
  • You’ve seen many resolutions fail, and are looking for a different approach
  • You are willing to do the work, and understand nothing works unless you do.
  • You are looking for a coach that is straight-forward, that empowers you and helps you find your own answers

What You’re Getting out of This Program

  • A comprehensive review & reflect worksheet to dive in before our coaching session. Through powerful questions, you will get to understand what you are yearning for, what works and what doesn’t for you, and what would really make 2018 kick-ass.
  • A 90-minutes deep dive coaching session, where we uncover your deeper desires, what you crave more of in your life, and how to create a plan that balances both your strengths and insecurities.
  • Quarterly e-mail support from me in 2018. At the end of January, April, July, October you will be hearing from me with tools on keeping you inspired on the journey you’ve started and tackle some of the challenges you may be experiencing along the way. 


All of this for 55 $. Damn.

What My Clients Say About Working With Me

She allows your soul to speak to you. During the session, she made me realise that my root problem was something completely different. One that hinders my personal and professional life. It was like a weight was lifted off of me. I realised something about myself that was within me but was totally unaware of. – Susan


The sessions with her helped me shift my perspective and focus on that specific thing I need to give up, so that I can get to where I want. The most important thing for me is that I can be myself around her and feel safe to explore the darkest areas of my mind. Thank you! – Sidonia


Coaching with Alexandra is like taking a cool shower after a long, tiring and extremely hot day: it makes you feel fresh and able to look at life from a different, more balanced perspective. – Ioana

Next Steps & Timeframe to Claim the Starter Kit for 2018

  • Submit payment. Send in the registration fee using this account for payments in RON (transfer 222 RON at RO79INGB0000999906019018) or this accounts for payments in USD (transfer 55 $ at RO16INGB0000999907457207).
  • Register using the form below by December 6th.
  • Upon receiving your payment, I will send you the first deep-dive worksheet to work on. This has a set of powerful questions that will give you more clarity and understanding over what’s missing in your life, what you’re craving, what would be worth creating next year.
  • After this,  we will schedule our 90 minutes session where we get to work deeper and actually figure out the How to’s in order to reach your plan.

All of the coaching sessions need to be scheduled by December 20th including.

Are you in?

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